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Vongola guild was founded on December 18, 2012
Territory war meet up is always 1 hr prior to time and Nation War the same.
Events will always be updated and posted on website so check often.
The winner isn't determine by who is right or wrong. The winner will be the one with the last standing soldier.

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 Wandering Souls

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PostSubject: Wandering Souls   Wed Dec 25, 2013 5:32 am

The origin of where most of us came from was Yakuza guild on HT server. After the fallout of Yakuza for the last time , most of us split from each other. A lot us joined small guilds and strong guilds like enrage.Yakuza never was able to bare fruit because of the criticism on the outside and people not wanting to join because they don't want to affiliate with anything related to mafioso. Some of us regrouped back into Conquer guild(not conquerer guild) and too met the same fate but different crisis.The guild didn't have a strong platform to hold it up for good.Once again a lot of us split and truly we thought we will never see each other again.As time went on many quit or cease to stay in contact with us and met new friends.The only originals from Yakuza that still stand today is XxDecadencexX_,Tibertus,and SnipersShot.The mean time in Conquer we met with a new friend name Blackdragon. After Conquer split up and a lot of us didn't really talk to each other. Decadence went to Dominus and Tibertus went to Pinoy. Blackdragon and SnipersShot went to Drakon for a period of time. As things got settled down and everything went sweet. SnipersShot met a new ally name Rozzers_ in Drakon. We quickly became good friends for a while. Skipping ahead of time a bit, Tibertus and SnipersShot struck up a random conversation about reading manga Hitman Reborn and how cool it was. Tibertus was joking and said we should make a guild for it. SnipersShot took it serious and asked Rozzers_ to help bare fruit for Vongola. Rozzers_ agreeD to first input a sin alt and Vongola was officially made on December 12,2012 ( later Tibertus joined along).

==================COMING OF THE DARK AGE 1 CRISIS ==========================================
Rozzers_ had to mia ingame for a while due to real life college stuff, he stepped down from director of Vongola. As guild continue to thrive the members questioned why don't we have a director. We took favor of a sweet girl name Fayyth that we hoped to assist with guild thriving.Skipping by few weeks things turn to sour when Fayyth wanted to boot people against her and everything she voice will be higher than Primo Leader SnipersShot.At first it wasn't so bad but things to heat up when i came to see the conversation and asked about the booting. SnipersShot asked politely to ease down with the threaten and in a swift moment Fayyth left the guild. It was a very tough drama problem because the friends she had in guild supported her decision of booting people and then the innocent ones that have no clue who to side with. 1 by 1 her supporters left and our dear comrades in guild got scared and followed. The guild went almost deserted after 2-3 days. As time went on we reattempt to rise Vongola but had problems because people didn't want to join a drama guild. Hundreds and hundreds of telecoustics poured on world chat to recruit daily for new members and our activity level never spiked beyond 10 people online. Unofficial attempts to pass leadership to new comrades with new ideas didn't help much. A lot of fingers were pointed at each other for not managing to overcome this obstacle.

=============COMING OUT OF THE DARK AGE 1 CRISIS AND INTO A FAKE GOLDEN AGE========================
We manage to overcome it when officers of whatever left of guild put our foot down and decided to aggressively recruit new people.People started to slowly join Vongola and we thought it was going to be a golden age to rise again.But the false golden age didn't last long and once again we met another tragic crisis when our own officers cause the fights and hit another dark age 2.

=================DARK AGE 2===========================
We had many talented faces joined during the fake golden age. The fight was essentially started with 1 member saying sexual jokes and caused a huge uproar of collapse. Some officers left and members left. In total 5-6 left the faction and it was a slight impact on us but wasn't tragic as the Dark Age 1. The nightmare lasted for a while until we managed to once again pull through the crisis and held strong together. Many slowly left but some stayed to close down guild and bond.

==========REAL GOLDEN AGE 1==============================
Long last the golden age when vongola manage to bare fruit after reopening back guild. Not long ago we were recruiting 80+ then jumped to 90+. A lot of strong comrades joined the vongolian mafioso family by this time. We were getting so strong that we push to recruiting 100+ and is going to stay that way. As it stands we are currently a threat if not taken seriously. Finally the Primo Boss SnipersShot managed to acknowledge and OFFICIALLY pass the Vongolian Leadership to the FIRST Vongola Boss name Steezis. PK,WS,ETC were always dreamed of in our guild until now. We are able to do it now while drinking sweet nectar and eat golden apples. Question is will we have a Dark Age 3 soon or the golden age will last longer?

==================DARK AGE 3=========================================================
Leader Steezis resigned because of real life stuff and leadership was pass back to SnipersShot with Rozzers_ as Director again. Shortly after that SnipersShot pass leadership to Rozzers_ and Akaihane_ took Director. SlicerSix became marshal along the way and the drama started. After being revoked and kicked he started to whispers to our officers of stories that wasn't true to have knives at each other throats. We had arguments and countless hours of trust issues but after a few days of the question of "trusting" each other. We override what he said and our trusts became stronger. We were very close of losing officers but trust prevail in the end. We did close a couple members but it wasn't devestating.

==================GOLDEN AGE 2=======================================================
As Rozzers_ and Akaihane_ took the helm of our guild we became very stabilize and slightly more organize then ever before. No drama for long period of time. Maybe 1 or 2 small dents but nothing large scale. The core guild and members been very stabilize and emotionally stabilize. Our recruitment bump down to 90+ With requirements of TT90+. Guild activity is around 20-30 active a day and very eccentric as usual. Chances are we will not being seeing any changes for a very very long time.

Last updated by Sniper 12/25/14

"The pride we hold in our hearts will be nothing more than false hope if nothing to protect and thus we must make sure we protect Vongola" - Primo Former Boss SnipersShot[/b]

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Wandering Souls
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